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Tower Maintenance

Need maintenance to your tower site? Advanced Tower Services’ dedicated crews are well-trained and ready to respond quickly to your site.

We perform all aspects of tower site maintenance including, but not limited to:

  • Provide FAA lighting service (emergency service available). Flash Technology Certified Service Provider.
  • Replace antennas
  • Sweep and troubleshoot antennas
  • Perform microwave point to point path alignments
  • Test grounding system resistance and perform repairs
  • Maintain lines
  • Perform preventative equipment maintenance
  • Schedule routine site inspections
  • Perform plumb and tensioning of guyed towers
  • Provide tower structural analysis reports and recommendations
  • Paint towers
  • Maintain access roads
  • Repair foundations

We own the following special equipment:

  • 13-ton boom truck with 85′ man basket
  • Anritsu Sitemasters
  • PathAligners 2Ghz-23Ghz
  • Biddle Ground Resistance Tester
  • Backhoe
  • Excavator
  • Double-Drum Winch Truck
  • Concrete Site Batch Truck
  • Skytrac Forklift

Training & Certifications

  • Comtrain Climber Safety
  • Comtrain High Angle Rescue
  • Andrew Cable & Connectors
  • CommScope Cable and Connectors
  • RFS Cable and Connectors
  • Anritsu Site Master
  • Motorola R56 Certified
Download Statement of Qualifications